Scott Cornelius – ECI Agency

“We started using Symphony 3 years ago. It has changed how our team members look at the organization. One part is they get rewarded if the agency grows commission income each month. The second part is they get rewarded if they do tasks over and above what their regular job duties are. If the team member wants to make more money, the opportunity is there. It also gives us a the way to meet with each team member each quarter to talk about their job.”

Mark Davidson – Davidson Agency

“Like most agency owners, I have struggled with getting the right people. But getting the right person is just the beginning. If I found an outstanding person, then I had to figure out how to pay them what they were worth and motivate them to continue their personal and professional growth.  When Tom first presented his rather innovative approach for performance based compensation, my thought was, “It’s about time something made sense.”

“Give employees the information they need in order to make the best decisions for the business. With OBM, employees know the firm’s goals, understand how they contribute to these goals, receive feedback on their progress toward goals and are rewarded when the firm reaches these goals. Employees are empowered to make decisions based on this information, and are enabled to take actions that produce the desired financial results.”

Jack Stack, “The Great Game of Business” says,

“Manage processes.  Lead people.” is a one hour webinar explaining our unique approach to leadership The objective is to release owners from the job of getting staff to do their job and empower staff ti take personal responsibility for their success.”

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