Reward & Recognition

Employees will take a job they love over one they hate, even if their pay is cut in half.

Nearly 60% of Americans would take a job they love over a job they hate, even if the preferred position paid half the amount of salary they would earn at the job they dislike (Lexington Law).

You create the dopamine environment, and the brain does the rest. One way to achieve those rewarding experiences is by setting incremental goals. Dopamine will flow as a result of your brain’s positive reinforcement every time you complete a step and meet a challenge.

What is Reward & Recognition?

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Engaged Staff are Productive & Profitable Staff!

According to a recent Gallup poll of 142 countries by the State of the Global Workplace, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs, This means that only one in eight employees are emotionally and psychologically committed to their jobs.

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