Peter Haas

You know…..I’ve been doing a lot of work myself on where I want to take my business.  Taking a deep dive into what it’s going to take.

Then comes along Symphony, your baby, a true reflection of your passion for the agency business.  A complete system that is simple to adapt to any agent or agency’s FACTS, define its DESTINATION, and fill in the GAPS with all the tools, metrics and documentation to determine if you’re on track to your ultimate goals.  I’m excited to begin, knowing I’ve got a system that will mirror my vision of where I plan to take my agency.

Peter Haas – Haas Agency, NY

Tom Baker

About Tom Baker

“Manage processes. Lead people.” is a one hour webinar explaining our unique approach to leadership The objective is to release owners from the job of getting staff to do their job and empower staff to take personal responsibility for their success.”