Learning & Development

42% of employees say learning and development is the most important benefit when deciding where to work.*

Recruiting in today’s low-employment-rate market requires a multi-generational strategy. Millennials often have values, lifestyle and perspectives that are different from, and sometimes even in conflict with other generations. As a result strategies for attracting, interviewing, hiring, on-boarding, compensating and engaging staff can be very different depending on the individual’s generation.

Staff Training

Business Etiquette
This workshop includes training for phone and email etiquette as well as ideas for converting every customer experience into a branding opportunity.

Stress is an Illusion: There is no such thing as a stressful job.
This workshop empowers staff by explaining how stress is a response to life and how to make the choice to “turn off” the stress response.

How To Say “yes” To Yourself Without Saying “No” to Others
TThis workshop equips staff to Express themselves as the unique individuals they are, while acknowledging the same in others.

Overcoming Objections
This workshop explains how objections are the way people let you know they don’t yet fully understand the benefits of doing business with your agency.

American Idol: How Memorable Is Your Performance?
This workshop takes advise of judge Simon Cowell and applies in order to transform every agency into the next American Idol.

Conflict Resolution
This workshop explains how friction can actually become effective opportunities to increase understanding and cooperation in work relationships.

Microsoft Excel
This workshop covers basic to intermediate Excel skills including formatting, formulas and best practices. Advanced training is also available covering macros and advanced formulas.

Microsoft Word
This workshop covers basic to intermediate Word skills including tables, styles, shortcuts, bookmarks, desktop publishing, templates and headers/footers.

Microsoft Outlook
This workshop covers basic to intermediates skills including rules, custom views, customizing ribbon, email templates, appointments, multiple email accounts, signatures and notes.

Who Moved My Cheese
This workshop

Getting Off The Rolar Coaster of Time Management
This workshop deals with the common frustrations associated with time management by exploring how to manage habits and choices in a way that results in receiving more from our time.

Communication 101
This workshop explains the basic communication model and how to increase effectiveness in communication by understanding non-verbal messages and active listening skills.

Goal Setting: It’s not what you think.
This workshop introduces goal setting from the perspective of how success can impact the person setting the goals as well as the people impacted by the goal.

Leadership Training

Teambuilding 101
This workshop introduces the four stages of teambuilding as way of understanding how teams develop and how to recognize the currently level of teamwork in the agency.

Changing How Staff Feels About Change
This workshop uses recent studies in neuroscience and behavior to explore why staff often seem to push back when asked to change and how we can lead employees to a more positive view of change.

The Power of Expectations
This workshop explains the dynamic principle of self-fulfilling prophecy and how our brains respond to expectations we place on ourselves as well as the impact of expectations from others.

Creating Self-Managing Teams
This workshop.

Creating Vision, Mission & Core Values
This workshop.

Creating Effective Workflows
This workshop.

Recruiting, Hiring & Engaging Millennials
This workshop helps agency management understand the

Changing How Staff Feels About Change
This workshop.

Millennial Producer Compensation
This workshop.

Manage processes. Lead People.
This workshop.

Effective Interviewing Skills
This workshop.

Creating KPIs
This workshop.

How To Ask Effective Questions
This workshop.