Attendance Management

Automated attendance management can save up to $1,600 per employee per year.

When staff feel attendance does not apply equally to everyone in the agency, the result can be a loss in teamwork, disengagement and turnover.

Per federal regulations, agencies must utilize an accurate timekeeping system to ensure employees are properly paid for time worked. The FLSA requires agencies to keep specific records for nonexempt employees. The requirements relate to employees’ time and attendance and include personal information, such as name and Social Security number; timekeeping data, such as the time and day the employee’s workweek starts and their work hours for each day and week. Additional information includes payroll information, such as hourly pay rate, daily or weekly regular earnings and overtime wages for the week.

To accurately monitor staff’s time, the agency may choose to require both exempt and non-exempt employees to use a timekeeping system. Breaking the laws concerning time clock rules can result in penalties and fines for every breach. Symphony’s time clock and time sheet functions are effective tools for fulfilling the requirements of both federal and state time clock rules for hourly employees.

In order to prepare for possible future changes in classification for exempt employees, agencies are encouraged to have all employees clock in and out.