Simplify Compensation

Replace complicated Excel spreadsheets and multiple levels of pay with a dynamic compensation tool that builds teamwork as well as individual performance.

Customize compensation plans for all staff (licensed and unlicensed) that links following processes and workflow with individual compensation.

Increase staff engagement and retention

The key to effective staff engagement is real-time recognition and feedback with the ability to offer both intrinsic and extrinsic recognition for achievement.

Individual dashboards empower staff to follow both the agency’s success as well as their own personal and professional growth.

Manage processes.
Lead people.

Managing people is transactional. Leadership is viral.

In other words, management is about getting people to do the things they are expected to do. But leadership is a culture that spreads through your agency and into your community.

The focus on leading people releases agency owners to do what they do best – influence those around them and grow their agency.

Become an Employer
of Choice

An Employer of Choice is an employer offering a cultivated culture, attractive benefits, ongoing feedback and a more competitive compensation plan that includes a clear career path. Becoming an Employer of Choice means top talent not only want to work with you, they choose to work for your agency over others.

“Finally, a simple way to pay for results, not efforts.”

Independent as well as captive agencies have changed how they market, service, communicate and manage business. Everything has changed in the average agency except the one thing that impacts more than 50% of every dollar earned – staff compensation.

Top talent expects a top workplace, compensation, career map and communication. Catalyst has developed two innovative strategies to recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboard, compensating and engaging top talent based on both a Philosophy and a Technology.


Our philosophy is to create a culture of ownership in which every Team member feels like a personal stakeholder in the success of the agency.

1. Manage processes.  Lead people.
Release owners from the responsibility to “get” staff to do their job by empowering each person to take personal responsibility for their success.

2. Compensation is an “investment”, not an “expense”.
Owners deserve to know what they receive from their investment based on “results” not “efforts”.

3. Create a sense of psychological ownership
The focus is on developing a team of “job owners” rather “job renters”.

4. A rising time lifts all boats
Revenue sharing is a strategy in which every Team member receives a part of every dollar the agency receives each month once the agency’s monthly goal has been met.

5. It’s a person’s job to do their job.
Bonuses empower employees to choose which parts of their job they perform. Key Performance Indicators provide specific targets for what each Team member achieves by doing their job.

6. Compensation is based on what the agency can afford rather than what other agencies pay.
Calculate the amount of compensation the position is worth based on what the agency can afford to offer.

7. Ownership requires knowledge.
Ownership occurs when Team members understand how the agency makes money as well as the financial health of the agency.


Our technology is powered by the “Symphony” talent management system.  Symphony provides a systematic resource to track, encourage and cultivate success for all Team members.

1. P&L Worksheet
The P&L worksheet calculates exactly what the agency can afford to offer in compensation. The worksheet takes into account all operating expenses as well as planned net profit.

2. Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions for every role in the agency are based on the “position” to be filled rather than the individual needs of the “person” doing the job.

3. Compliance Audits
Compliance Audits connect compensation with how Team members follow agency standards for processes and procedures.

4. Master KPI List
Over 90 Key Performance Indicators are provided along with definitions for every position in the agency.

5. Staff Dashboard
Staff has direct access to their own level of performance as well as information on the agency’s success.

6. Timeclock
Staff can clock in and clock out as well as print their own timesheets.

7. Organic Growth Calculator
The Organic Growth Calculator determines exactly how much the agency can grow organically then creates specific daily actions that deliver the calculated results.

“Manage processes.  Lead people.” is a one hour webinar explaining our unique approach to leadership The objective is to release owners from the job of getting staff to do their job and empower staff ti take personal responsibility for their success.”

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